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Transmusic Airwaves (#192) - December 2, 2016 - with DJ Paul Ciminero (host)
December 03, 2016 12:19 PM PST
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Listening to this week’s TRANSMUSIC AIRWAVES (#192) is as easy as one, two, three.

Hour #1 has Faust and John Fahey, Gorillaz, Pere Ubu, MGMT, Esquivel, the latest from Leonard Cohen, Beth Orton, and Aphex Twin, and humor from the Firesign Theatre.

Hour #2 brings Kevin Ayers, The Who, The Beatles, Clearlight (by request), Negativland, Chris Butler, Missy Mazzoli (with Glenn Kotche), and Sergio Mendes to your ears.

Hour #3 begins with Jah Wobble, then adds Chico Hamilton, tUnEyArDs, Lothar & the Hand People, Eno, Pixies, Mickey Hart, and The Gothic Archie's to the mix.

See! As easy as one, two, three! Now quit trolling those fake news sites and tune in!

Today's playlist:

SET #1: NATIONAL HEALTH “The Collapso”/PERE UBU “Real World”/GORILLAZ “The Speak It Mountains/Aspen Forest”/JETHRO TULL'S IAN ANDERSON “Might Have Been's(Pebbles Thrown)/Upper Sixth Loan Shark (Gerald the Banker)”/JOHN FAHEY “March! Martin Luther King”/FAUST “Der Baum”/XIU XIU “Dance of the Dream Man”**/

SET #2: LEONARD COHEN “Traveling Light”**/SKYFORGER “A Crested Tomtit Sings”/APHEX TWIN “CHEETAHT2 [Ld spectrum]”**/MGMT “Cool Song No.2"/ISSA BAGAYOGO “Lanaya”/ESQUIVEL “Anna (el Negro Zumbon)”/MARK MOTHERSBAUGH “Something Different”**/FIRESIGN THEATRE “Eratz Brothers Coffee/High School Madness (excerpt)”/BETH ORTON “Kidsticks”**/

SET #3: KEVIN AYERS “Gemini Child (Bonus Track)”/THE WHO “The Acid Queen”/NICK CAVE & THE BAD SEEDS “Distant Sky”**/MISSY MAZZOLI,VICTOIRE, GLENN KOTCHE, LORNA DUNE “Vespers for a New Dark Age:Wayward Free Radical Dreams”**/THE MOTHERS OF INVENTION (Frank Zappa) “It Can't Happen Here"/VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR “Shikata Ga Nai"**/JOHN MARTYN “Sunday's Child”/SERGIO MENDES & BRASIL '65 “Favela”/

SET #4: THE FLAMING LIPS “A Spoonful Weighs a Ton”/THE BEATLES “Magical Mystery Tour”/CLEARLIGHT “Et Pendant Ce Temps La”(by request)/DEVENDRA BANHART “Good Time Charlie”**/NEARLY GOD (featuring TRICKY) “Bubbles”/NEGATIVLAND “The Greatest Taste Around”/NEIL YOUNG & CRAZY HORSE “The Buffalo Stomp (Ode to Bill #1)/Home, Home on the Range”/CHRIS BUTLER “Bad Moon Over Mel Bay (Abbey Road Style Beetles Mix)”/

SET #5: JAH WOBBLE “No Message”/CHICO HAMILTON “Mallet Dance”/GOBLIN “Ai Margini Della Follia”/LOTHAR & THE HAND PEOPLE “Ha (Ho)”/tUnEyArDs “Time of Dark”/JOHN GREAVES & DAVID CUNNINGHAM “The Same Ground”/MICKEY HART “Pigs in Space”/BRIAN ENO “Golden Hours”/

SET #6: LUCINDA WILLIAMS “House of Earth”**/BILL FRISELL “The Wizard”/PIXIES “All the Saints”**/WILCO “Happiness”**/THE GOTHIC ARCHIES “When You Play the Violin”/SNAKEFINGER “Living in Vain”/TELEK “Toili Kundu”/

** = New release or recent acquisition

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The Orgasmatrain Internet Special Limited 12.02.16
December 03, 2016 10:07 AM PST
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mommy, i like it...

red hot chili peppers--mommy, where's daddy?
darondo--legs/part 1
my life with the thrill kill kult--savage sexteen
deee lite--music selector is the soul reflector

marble sheep--who should be trusted
deep purple--black night

film school--florida
bailter space--titan
terminal cheesecake--coils

yes--close to the edge
the byrds--i see you
the pretty things--old man going

eric "monty" morris--oil in my lamp (trojan creole reggae)
peter tosh--african
burning spear--throw down your arms
jah wobble--divine mother

r.l. burnside--shake em on down
lightnin' slim--my starter won't work
led zeppelin--hots on for nowhere
powerhouse--good morning little schoolgirl

parenthesis = compilation title

the orgasmatrain is made possible in part by our friends
at the VELO ROUGE CAFE located at 798 arguello boulevard
in san francisco

The 360 Sound Show for 11/30/16
November 30, 2016 10:17 AM PST
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Hours one and two are a reworking of my 360 for November 30, 2011. Hours three and four feature many of the artists who appeared on the compilation Basket Full Of Dragons, A Tribute To Robbie Basho Vol. II, which was produced by Buck Curran, formerly of Arborea, who also produced the first tribute to Basho, We Are All One In The Sun, from 2010.

Davy Graham "Good Morning Blues" (1968)
Emily Remler "East To Wes" (1988)
Wes Montgomery & The Wynton Kelly Trio "Unit 7" (1965)
Larry Coryell "Wrong Is Right" (1970)
Frank Zappa "Apostrophe" (1974)
Jerry Garcia & Howard Wales "Morning In Marin" (1971)
John McLaughlin & The Mahavishnu Orchestra "The Dance Of Maya" (1971)
Gabor Szabo "Ravi" (1966)
Lenny Breau "Indian Reflections For Ravi" (1969)
Ralph Towner "Winter Solstice" (1975)

Spirit "Clear" (1969)
Sean Smith "Prasanna" (2006)
Matt Baldwin "In The Black Channel" (2011)
Suni McGrath "The Call Of The Mourning Dove" (1971)
Jack Rose "Sunflower River Blues" (2005)
Christina Carter "Second Death" (2008)
Master William Burchette "Raising The Pyramid Of Power" (1973)
Peter Walker "Mellowtime" (2009; rec'd 1970)
Phil Yost "Touchwood's Dream" (1970)

Robbie Basho "Salangadou" (1966)
Arborea "Blue Crystal Fire" (2010)
Buck Curran "New Moontide" (2016)
Michael Gulezian "Meandering Jelly--A Contraceptive Failure" (1980)
Richard Osborn "The View Of San Damiano, With Rain" (2012)
Chuck Johnson "Corvid Tactics" (2015)
Yair Yona "Mad About You" (2012)
Paolo Laboule Novellino "Pasha" (2016)
Mariano Rodriguez "Shadow Study At 6AM" (2015)

Karina Vismara "Tied Up Tight" (2015)
Gao Hong, Bassam Saba, & April Centrone "Longa Nahawand" (2015)
Mike Tamburo "Sweet Nectar Of The Sun Lion" (2013)
Glenn Jones "1337 Shattuck Avenue, Apartment D" (2010)
Henry Kaiser "Fan Mail From Some Flounder" (1998)
Twelve Hides "California Raga" (2016)
Steffen Basho-Junghans "Blue Mountain Raga II" (2008)

Robbie Basho "Wine Song (Sweet Wine Of Love)" (1969)


The City Of Toys And Games with Stereo Steve [episode 155]
November 29, 2016 11:36 AM PST
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Praxis - Dead Man Walking (Edit)
Miles Davis - On The Corner (Take 4)
Blue Effect & Jazz Q Praha - Coniunctio I

The Seeds - Rollin' Machine
The Firebirds - Reflections
Fuzz - Silent Sits The Dust Bowl
Davie Allan And The Phantom Surfers - Sheena Was A Punk Rocker

Tommy James & The Shondells - Cellophane Symphony
Frank Barber Percussion - Mah Nah Mah Nah
Rodd Keith - Little Rug Bug
Kodak Cameo - Don't Go
Steven Halpern - Comfort Zone
Labradford - Scenic Recovery
Windows 98の - ACT 2 - 恋をする

Jimi Hendrix - Manic Depression (2)
Terminal Cheesecake - Dandelions
Setsudan - Axis
The Spikedrivers - Baby, Let Me Tell You
Six Organs Of Admittance - Bless Your Blood
Neon Gemini - ❤

The Shirelles - A Thing of the Past