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The 360 Sound Show for 12/13/17
December 13, 2017 09:50 AM PST
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This week's 360 goes out to the memory of Gregg Allman, who would have turned seventy last Friday (December 8th). (It should be noted that former Allman Brother guitarist, Dickie Betts just turned 74 yesterday.)

Here's how this program shaped up. The first hour features recent music. Hour two is dedicated to southpaws, whose names are featured on the set list. Hour three consists of songs covered by either The Allman Brothers Band or The Hour Glass. And other than a couple of cover tunes of the Allmans and Bonnie Raitt doing a cover version of one of my favorite closers, hour four is a reconstruction of Gregg Allman's final album, Southern Blood, which was almost all covers recorded early last year and was released posthumously late this last September.

Gregg Allman "Going, Going, Gone"
Van Morrison "How Far From God"
Nona Hendryx & Gary Lucas "Her Eyes Are A Blue Million Miles"
Torres "Three Futures"
Mirah "The World Is Falling Apart"
Julien Baker "Everything That Helps You Sleep"
Linda Perhacs "Winds Of The Sky"
Wye Oak "Spiral"
Thee Oh Sees "Drowned Beast"
Tangerine Dream "Granular Blankets"
Gregg Kowlasky "Blind Contour Drawing For Piano"
Tom Rogerson & Brian Eno "Rest"

The Allman Brothers Band (Gregg & Duane Allman) "Trouble No More" (1969)
Paul McCartney & Wings "Jet" (1973)
Ringo Starr "The No No Song" (1974)
David Bowie "The Bewlay Brothers" (1971)
Simon & Garfunkel (Paul Simon) "A Simple Desultory Philippic (Or How I Was Robert McNamara'd Into Submission)" (1966)
Bob Dylan "It's All Right Ma (I'm Only Bleeding)" (1965)
Black Sabbath (Tony Iommi) "Solitude" (1971)
Led Zeppelin (Robert Plant) "That's The Way" (1970)
Otis Rush "I Can't Quit You Baby" (1956)
B.B. King "Three O'Clock Blues" (1952)
Albert Collins "Hot 'N' Cold" (1966)
The Blues Brothers (Dan Aykroyd) "Rubber Biscuit" (1978)
Bill Evans "Spartacus Love Theme" (1963)
Errol Garner "Misty" (1954)
Lenny Bruce "Psycopathia Sexualis" (1959)

Blind Willie McTell "Statesboro Blues" (1928)
Elmore James "Done Somebody Wrong" (1960)
T-Bone Walker "Call It Stormy Monday (But Tuesday Is Just As Bad)" (1947)
Muddy Waters "You Can't Lose What You Ain't Never Had" (1964)
Willie Cobbs "You Don't Love Me" (1960)
Sonny Boy Williamson II "One Way Out" (1962)
Willie Dixon "I'm Your Hoochie Coochie Man" (1970)
Billy Joe Shaver "Sweet Mama" (1987)
The Spencer Davis Group "Don't Want You No More" (1968)
Don Varner "Down In Texas" (1967)
Don Varner "Power Of Love" (1967)
Deon Jackson "Love Makes The World Go Round" (1966)
The Impressions "I've Been Trying" (1965)
Marlena Shaw "Nothing But Tears" (1967)
Carole King "No Easy Way Down" (1970)
Del Shannon "Silently" (2006; rec. 1967)
The Hour Glass "Cast Off All My Fears" (1967)
Phil Ochs "The Bells" (1964)
Donovan "There Is A Mountain" (1967)

Frank Zappa "Whipping Post" (1984)
Willie Nelson "Midnight Rider" (1979)
Gregg Allman "My One True Friend" (2017)
Tim Buckley "Once I Was" (1967)
Bob Dylan "Going, Going, Gone" (1974)
The Grateful Dead "Black Muddy River" (1987)
Muddy Waters "I Love The Life I Live (I Live The Life I Love)" (1957)
Little Feat "Willin'" (1970)
Johnny Jenkins "Blind Bats And Swamp Rats" (1970)
Percy Sledge "Out Of Left Field" (1967)
Scott Sharrard & The Brickyard Band "Love Like Kerosene" (2012)
Jackson Browne "Song For Adam" (1972)

Bonnie Raitt "My Opening Farewell" (1977)


The City Of Toys And Games with Stereo Steve [episode 178]
December 11, 2017 12:07 PM PST
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including but not limited to:
heavy winged - gruesome pillow talk
casino gardens - portable cassette outtakes vol 1

the platters - my prayer
ufo - space child
the jellybean bandits - generation
question mark and the mysterians - stormy monday
cartoone - knack knack man

war - there must be a reason
john lennon - beef jerky
jim lowe and the high tones - behind the green door

the band whose name is a symbol - hepsibah
four tet - two thousand and seventeen
raymond lefevre and his orchestra - butter fingers
kevin coyne - everybody says
idaho joe windslow - out of body experience
clarinette - invisible currents

nova - you are light
lonnie smith - psychedelic pi
kiasmos - blurred (bonobo mix)
wire - Playing Harp for the Fishes
cold sun - here in the year

Transmusic Airwaves (Episode #245) - December 8, 2017 - with Paul Ciminero (host)
December 09, 2017 02:34 PM PST
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Grab your coffee and settle in for the latest edition of TRANSMUSIC AIRWAVES (#245). There's several 'morning' songs from THE BRIAN JONESTOWN MASSACRE, THE BEATLES, and DAEVID ALLEN in today's very first set followed by a NEW piece of music from SPARKS, then a melody from a film score by ALEXANDRE DESPLAT and a GODLEY & CREME song.

Among the NEW arrivals this week are the latest from the MONKS OF DOOM and FOLKS SONGS & SACRED MUSIC OF NEPAL, plus more cuts from TANGERINE DREAM, RICHARD THOMPSON, PETER HAMMILL, DEERHOOF, and PERE UBU.

Out of the 'vault' you'll hear LINCOLN CHASE, FIFTY FOOT HOSE, LOTHAR & THE HAND PEOPLE, and GENTLE GIANT. They'll be joined by selections from LAURIE ANDERSON, WUSSY, composer THOMAS NEWMAN 'S 'WALL-E' soundtrack, legendary street musician MOONDOG, JAMES BLOOD ULMER, CAN, DEVO, and MICHAEL URBANIAK.

Variety has no limits so don't miss a minute!

SET #1
THE MAGNETIC FIELDS '69': Judy Garland' - 50 Song Memoir**/BRIAN JONESTOWN MASSACRE 'Panic in Babylon' - Aufheben/DAEVID ALLEN 'Good Morning' - Good Morning/THE BEATLES 'Good Morning, Good Morning (New Stereo Mix)' - Sgt. Pepper's 50th Ann Box**/THE GOASTT 'Don't Look Back Orpheus' - Midnight Sun/SPARKS 'When You're a French Director' Hippopotamus**/ALEXANDRE DESPLAT 'The New Lobby Boy' - The Grand Budapest Hotel (OST)/GODLEY & CREME 'Mugshots' - Freeze Frame/
SET #2
BANG ON A CAN ALL STARS 'Nancarrow: 4 Player Piano Studies' - Big, Dark, & Scary/GENTLE GIANT 'Edge of Twilight' - Acquiring The Taste/AYUB OGADA 'Wa Winjigo Ero' - En Mana Kuoyo/MORGAN DELT 'Little Zombies' - Morgan Delt/PRIMUS 'The Storm' - The Desaturating Seven**/DEVO 'U Got Me Bugged' - Adventures of the Smart Patrol/ROBERT PLANT 'Keep It Hid' - Carry Fire**/
RICHARD THOMPSON 'Gethsemane' - Acoustic Classics II**/VARIOUS ARTISTS 'Sowing Song by Women' - Folk Songs & Sacred Music of Nepal**/THOMAS NEWMAN 'Repair Ward' - WALL-E (OST)/TANGERINE DREAM 'Granular Blankets' - Quantum Gate**/PERE UBU 'Walking Again' - 20 Years in a Montana Missile Silo**/LAURIE ANDERSON 'The Puppet Motel' - Bright Red/JOHN CALE 'Nookie Wood' - Shifty Adventures in Nookie Wood/CAMPER VAN BEETHOVEN 'You Got To Roll' - La Costa Perdida/
SET #4
ANGELO BADALAMENTI 'Night' - Twin Peaks: Limited Event Series (OST)**/JEFFERSON AIRPLANE 'Blues From An Airplane' - Jefferson Airplane Takes Off/PETER HAMMILL 'Charm Alone' - From The Trees**/WUSSY 'Vivian Girls' - Left For Dead/MOGWAI 'Battered At A Scramble' - Every Country's Sun**/PINK FLOYD 'Astronomy Domine' - The Piper At The Gates of Dawn/KEN NORDINE 'Outer Space' - You 're Getting Better: The Best of Word Jazz/MOONDOG 'Enough About Human Rights' - The Viking of 6th Avenue/THE AVALANCHES 'Harmony' - Wildflower/DEERHOOF (feat. MATANA ROBERTS) 'Mountain Moves' - Mountain Moves**/
SET #5
MICHAEL URBANIAK 'Chinatown (Part II)' - Fusion III/MAGMA 'Udu Wudu' - Udu Wudu/ADRIAN BELEW 'The Gypsy Zurna' - Desire of the Rhino King/FIFTY FOOT HOSE 'Cauldron' - Cauldron/GRIZZLY BEAR 'Three Rings' - Painted Ruins**/JOHN SCOFIELD 'You're Still The One' - Country For Old Men**/BRUCE COCKBURN 'Looking and Waiting' - Bone On Bone**/
SET #6
LINCOLN CHASE 'Wooshp Oom Sff Ahhh' - Lincoln Chase and You/JOHN HARTFORD 'Holding' - Aeroplain/LOTHAR & THE HAND PEOPLE 'Woody Woodpecker' - Presenting.../UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (JOE BYRD) 'Garden of Earthly Delights' - The US of A/MONKS OF DOOM 'The Sinking of the Essex' - The Bronte Pin**/MUTEMATH 'Sun Ray' - Odd Soul/JAMES BLOOD ULMER 'Sphinx' - Music Speaks Louder Than Words/CAN 'The Withoutlaw Man' - Rite Time/

** = New or recent acquisition
OST = Original Soundtrack

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The 360 Sound Show for 12/06/17
December 06, 2017 12:43 PM PST
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Cherushii "Sunburst In My Sequencer" (2016)
Auscultation "Promise You'll Haunt Me" (2015)
Gregg Kowalsky "Tuned To Monochrome" (new)
Aeroc "Please Go Wrong" (2004)
Keith Fullerton Whitman "fib01a" (2002)
Lawrence English "That Was A Lucky One" (2005)
Christopher Bissonette "Tenor Viol" (2005)
Leyland Kirby "Ready To Go Down Together" (2010)
Christina Vantzou "Stereoscope" (2015)

Cherushii "Nightsteps" (2015)
Dimentia "Thyme Lost" (2010)
Melodien "Untitled" (2012)
The Sight Below "Through The Gaps In The Land" (2010)
WZT Hearts "Discuss Winter" (2008)
Valet "Dealer vs. Ocean" (2009)
Brandon W. Pittman "First Light Of Dawn (Still Life)" (2014)
The Caretaker "Persistent Repetition Of Phrases" (2008)

The Habibiyya "Koto Piece" (1972)
Laraaji "Laraajazzi" (2017)
Aphex Twin "Bucephalus Bouncing Ball" (1997)
Sarah Hopkins "Kindred Spirits" (1996)
Mark Deutsch "Anumullah Pt. 3" (2017)
Alastair Galbraith & Constantine Karlis "4 Orbits" (2003)
Matthew De Gennaro "Doxa Blues" (2014)
Tom Carter "Live Sacramento" (2013)

Unknown "Gamelan Salunding, Tenganan (Gending Sakar Gadung)" (1969)
Unknown "Gamelan Gong Kebjar: Oleg Tumbelilingan (Bumblebee)" (1987)
Takeo Izumi "Rainbow In The Wind (Fuzenko)" (2007)
Alcvin Ryuzen Ramos "Gaia's Lullaby" (2011)
Henry Wolff "Leaving The Body" (1979)
Henry Wolff, Nancy Hennings, & Drew Gladstone "A Choir Of Bells" (1972)


Transmusic Airwaves (Episode #244) - December 1, 2017 - with Paul Ciminero (host)
December 02, 2017 07:53 AM PST
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This week's TRANSMUSIC AIRWAVES (#244) features the world premiere of songwriter, musician, and note noodler HARVEY GOLD'S latest musical masterpiece 'Eidola,' played as both a 'radio edit' and as a 'hot dance mix' during the final set of this program. (Harvey is pictured here)

If that isn't enough to get you to tune from sheer anticipation then here's a few more incentives to sweeten up your musical taste buds. Today's show also has more NEW cuts from TANGERINE DREAM, RICHARD THOMPSON, PETER HAMMILL, VIOLENT FEMMES, PERE UBU, MOGWAI, and DEERHOOF. There's jazz from ALBERT AYLER and BILL FRISELL, “prog” from THE MUFFINS, KING CRIMSON, ROBERT WYATT, and KEVIN AYERS, blues from BUDDY GUY, international melodies from DAMA & D'GARY, JUANA MOLINA, and the KRONOS QUARTET with WU MAN, and several 'covers' done by the EMPERORS OF WYOMING and SENOR COCONUT.

Add to those artists, JOE STRUMMER & THE MESCALEROS, STEELEYE SPAN, PAUL MCCARTNEY, and THE VELVET UNDERGROUND there's more than enough reasons to listen today!

Today's playlist:

SET #1
TANGERINE DREAM 'Identify Proven Matrix' Quantum Gate**/SUFJAN STEVENS 'Heirloom' All Delighted People/DAMA & D'GARY 'Mpiarak Aomby' The Long Way Home/KRONOS QUARTET & WU MAN 'Tan Dun: Act 3 – Dia' Tan Dun: Ghost Opera/KING CRIMSON 'Lament' Starless and the Bible Black/ET CETERA 'The Really Great Escape' Knirsch/RICHARD THOMPSON 'She Twists The Knife Again' Acoustic Classics II**/THE MUFFINS 'The Manilla Robots' Chronosphere/
SET #2
JOHN SCOFIELD 'Wildwood Flower' Country For Old Men**/JIM TAYLOR 'They Swung John Brown to a Sour Apple Tree' The Civil War Collection/SAN FERMIN 'Cairo' Belong**/VIOLENT FEMMES 'Rejoice & Be Happy' 2 Mics & The Truth - Unplugged & Unhinged in America**/ALBERT AYLER 'A Man Is Like A Tree' Music Is the Healing Force in the Universe/JOE STRUMMER & THE MESCALEROS 'Shaktar Donetsk' Global A Go-Go/MAINHORSE 'More Tea Vicar' Mainhorse/DEERHOOF 'Koyote' Mountain Moves**/
PERE UBU 'Monkey Bizness' 20 Years in a Montana Missle Silo**/ROBERT PLANT(feat CHRISSIE HYNDE) 'Bluebirds Over the Mountain' Carry Fire**/STEELEYE SPAN 'Elf Call' Commoner's Crown/BILL FRISELL 'Telstar' Guitar In The Space Age/PAUL WELLER 'The Cranes Are Back' A Kind Revolution/PETER HAMMILL 'My Unintended' From The Trees**/ABDEL GADIR SALIM & EMMANUEL JAL 'Hadiya' Ceasefire/THE VELVET UNDERGROUND 'Here She Comes Now' Peel Slowly & See/
SET #4
JOANNIE PALLATTO & SPARROW 'No Longer Small' Float Out To Sea**/THE BOOKS 'Beautiful People' The Way Out/ROBERT WYATT 'You You' Comicopera/PRIMUS 'The Dream' The Desaturating Seven**/BUDDY GUY 'Whiskey, Beer & Wine' Born To Play Guitar/LITTLE FEAT 'Fat Man in the Bathtub' Dixie Chicken/
SET #5
THE VEILS 'Axoloti (Roadhouse Mix)' Twin Peaks: Limited Event Series(OST)**/NOTHING & MELLOW 'Blowing Bubbles/Kites Are Fun' The Free Design Redesigned/MOGWAI 'Don't Believe the Fife' Every Country's Sun**/SENOR COCONUT 'Riders on the Storm' Fiesta Songs/KACA PIRING GROUP 'Eplok Endal' Bamboo Music/GARY LUCAS 'Songstress on the Edge of Heaven' The Edge of Heaven/NEIL YOUNG 'Captain Kennedy' Hitchhiker**/
SET #6
HARVEY GOLD 'Eidola (Radio Edit)' harveyinthehall.bandcamp.com/**/PAUL MCCARTNEY 'Monkberry Moon Delight' Ram/KEVIN AYERS 'Rheinhardt & Geraldine/Para Delores' Shooting At The Moon/JUANA MOLINA 'Estalacticas' Halo**/DAVID CROSBY 'Home Free' Sky Trails**/EMPERORS OF WYOMING 'Bless The Weather' Johnny Boy Would Love This/PARASITES OF THE WESTERN WORLD 'Flying' Parasites of the Western World/HARVEY GOLD 'Eidola (Hot Dance Mix)' harveyinthehall.bandcamp.com/**

** = New or recent acquisition
OST = Original Soundtrack

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The City Of Toys And Games with Stereo Steve [episode 177]
November 10, 2017 02:18 PM PST
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The Aggregation - The City of Toys and Games
david bowie - sense of doubt/breaking glass
cowboys international - pointy shoes
Wesley Willis - Make My Joyplane Crash And Burn
OOIOO - Gamel Uma Umo

your pest band - you were the rebel
paul williams and his orchestra - the hucklebuck
emotional - me and my pod
Paul Jones - Pretty Vacant

Lee Dorsey - Ya Ya
Josie & The Pussycats - You've Come A Long Way Baby
White Hills - Walks For Motorists

bôa - Duvet
Stevie Wonder - Pastime Paradise
Native Meets Lee Scratch Perry - In a Strange Land
Sun Ra - ancient aiethopia
CAN - smoke (remixed by Holger Czukay)
Charlie McAlister - darla come down from jackson
the electrosoniks - twilight ozone

Gran Am - Get High
Salvation - Salvation Jam
Angelo Badalamenti - Audrey’s Dance
Neu! - Wave Mother

Rose McDowall - Don't Fear The Reaper

The City Of Toys And Games with Stereo Steve [episode 176]
October 20, 2017 05:06 PM PDT
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including but not limited to:
Stereolab - Les Yper-Sound
Psychic Pollution - Vermillion Sun
Nurse With Wound - A Silhouette & A Thumbtack (Dance In Hyperspace)
Ted Lucas - It Is So Nice To Get Stoned
King Tubby - The Champion Version

Colours - Hyannis Port Soul (Lost You To The Wind)
Quatrain - Unconquered Islands
Cross Country - Cross Country
Blue Phantom - Diodo
Le Orme - Cemento Armato
Czar - Dawning Of A New Day
Damnation Of Adam Blessing - Last Train To Clarksville

Holger Czukay - The Photo Song
A Blind Dog Stares - Troller Tanz (Ghost Dance)
Peter C Johnson - Get Right Back On a Horse That Throws You
Felt - Ivory Past
The Fops - Glass Blower
Bailter Space - Meeting Place
Brain Idea - Cosmos Factory
The Alan Parsons Project - Hyper-Gamma-Spaces
Jonas Reinhardt - Lox Moon
Ornette Coleman - European Echoes

K Mart - 1989 Muzak
Negativland - Hyper Real
The Space Lady - Fly Like An Eagle
Electric Wizard - I, The Witchfinder